The San Joaquin County Law Library is one of many California County Public Law Libraries. California County Law Libraries are public libraries providing FREE access to legal resources. California County Public Law Libraries were created by an act of California state legislators in 1891. In 2006, the Law Library relocated from the main courthouse in Downtown Stockton, to the Kress Legal Center at 20 N. Sutter St. Stockton, CA 95202.

California County Public Law Libraries are funded by a portion of the civil court filing fees in the library’s home county. Law libraries do not receive tax dollars. Please support your local County Public Law Library!

Mission Statement

The San Joaquin County Law Library shall provide equal access to legal information to county residents and to those engaged in the practice of law in the county. Equal access is provided irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, and other protected classifications. The collection of materials in the Library shall support the needs of the patrons and be available for free, if possible, or at a reasonable cost. The Library will make its best effort to locate materials from other libraries if those materials are not available in the library’s collection.

Board of Trustees

The San Joaquin County Law Library is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity, governed by a Board of Trustees, pursuant to Business and Professions Code §6300, et. seq., as follows:

  • Jeffrey Prag, President
  • Deputy Public Defender Christine Kroger, Vice President
  • Honorable George Abdallah
  • Honorable Richard Guiliani
  • Honorable Lauren Thomasson
  • Commissioner Cheryl McCann
  • Velma Lim, Esq.

Meetings are regularly held on the Third Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. in the Law Library Board Room.

Current Month’s Board Meeting Agenda: August 16, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

2017-2018 Board Meeting Agendas:
August 16, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda

2016-2017 Board Meeting Agendas:
June 21, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
May 17, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
May 2, 2017 Special Meeting Agenda
April 19, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
March 15, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
February 15, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
January 18, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
December 21, 2016 Special Meeting Agenda
November 16, 2016 Board Meeting Agenda
October 19, 2016 Board Meeting Agenda
September 21, 2016 Board Meeting Agenda
August 17, 2016 Board Meeting Agenda
July 20, 2016 Board Meeting Agenda

Code of Conduct

In consideration of others, quiet is expected throughout the Law Library. Patrons may engage in quiet conversation as long as other patrons are not disturbed; speaking loudly is prohibited.

While in the Law Library, patrons are expected to be engaged in activities associated with the use of the library, for example reading, studying, or using library materials.

The Law Library shall not be used in lieu of an office for the practice of law, or any other professional business activity.

Appropriate attire, including shirts and shoes, must be worn in the law library.

Animals, other than service animals assisting persons with disabilities, are not permitted in the Law Library.

Children shall be under the control and supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

Beverages and food are prohibited at all times.

Cell phones should be silenced, and personal devices, such as laptops and tablets, should be muted. Talking on cell phones is strictly prohibited within the library.

Patrons using the Law Library’s wireless internet connection are held to the same Code of Conduct as patrons using Public Access Computers. Please review our Public Services page for more information.

Law Library staff is authorized to determine what constitutes unauthorized behavior or violation of the Code of Conduct.